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It's been a long time.

2013-03-22 10:41:54 by Holydrainer

It's a long time ago since I last logged in to Newgrounds.

I've been busy creating music, and I'll be sure to post them on NG.

No shit.

2011-03-10 10:13:01 by Holydrainer

I haven't uploaded anything in a long time. It's because i'm not that good at flash, lol. Also it's because i haven't got alot of time lately.


2009-05-06 14:15:27 by Holydrainer

I'm currently working on a game.
Any suggestions for the name or other stuff in the game? Tell em' plz :)

Not making anything

2009-04-15 12:28:21 by Holydrainer

Currently, i'm not working on anything. If you want me to, please ask. I'll do things on request anyway.


2007-07-21 14:32:09 by Holydrainer

Working on DesertCage, my newest game. Maybe in 3 weeks or so you can play it :) It's VACATION :D